FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December, 30th 2013 - LittleBit for iOS

Forget Big New Years Resolutions, LittleBit for iOS helps you focus on one little habit.

To increase your chances of success with New Years Resolutions, think small. LittleBit focuses on baby steps to create new habits.

Salt Lake City, UT — December 30, 2013 — Available now on the iOS App Store, LittleBit, Habit Companion for iOS, helps you focus on creating the habits you’ve always wanted. LittleBit takes a different approach to habit creation by helping you to focus on only one small habit at a time, and celebrating the small wins each day.

Less is More

Bucky Flowers, one of the creators of LittleBit, says, “People try to change too much at once and when motivation wanes, as it inevitably will, the person gets overwhelmed and quits everything.” Humans are not very good multi-taskers. Research by Rogers and Monsell has shown that when we spread out our brain processes across multiple tasks, it actually takes us more time, and our performance drops. LittleBit helps you focus on doing one, and only one, habit everyday. Once it’s become automatic, you can use LittleBit to start a new habit.

The Smaller the Better

Habits should be small rather than large. BJ Fogg, the director of research and design at Stanford's Persuasive Technology Lab, says, “When you know how to create tiny habits, you can change your life forever.” Instead of focusing on large overwhelming outcomes like “Lose 30 Pounds”, LittleBit is designed to help you focus on the small everyday behaviors like “Go for a walk everyday” that will get you the outcomes you want.

The Habit Atrophy Algorithm

Other habit apps punish you too harshly if you miss a day. Streak-based apps are demotivating for people if they miss one day. Their progress suddenly means nothing. When a person misses doing a habit for a day, their brain does not lose ALL progress on that habit. If a person starts missing days, LittleBit uses a “habit atrophy” algorithm to simulate how the brain loses habits over time.

Celebrate the Small Wins with Selfies that Actually Mean Something

No need to wait until a habit is complete to celebrate your progress. LittleBit helps you celebrate the small wins everyday by having you take a picture to capture the success. You can see yourself changing bit by bit. Researchers have shown that a strategy of celebrating small wins produces visible results.

“Small wins concurrently marked progress along the way and shifted attention and energies to the next areas of action ... In this regard, small wins were easily overlooked. However, their accumulation resulted in noticeable achievements, representing powerful symbolic markers of progress.

Celebrating with positive emotions and seeing incremental progress are an important part of LittleBit’s habit formula.

The Team Behind the App

LittleBit is a labor of love by Bucky Flowers and Jayden Anderson. They are passionate about behavior change, and wanted something that would work for them. Bucky is the Founder of Movement Ventures located Salt Lake City. Jayden currently works at KISSmetrics and lives in San Francisco.